They Don't Make Ads Like This Anymore: Evolutionary War

No real reason for this one, other than it was drawn by the utterly brilliant Walter Simonson.  Who then took the trouble to sign it.

I just bought a new scanner, an Epson Workforce, to replace my old, old Mustek.  I scanned this image because, no matter how many times I tried on the Mustek, it always came out looking like crap, lines, bad colouring, you name it.  Now it looks perfect, with all the dings and wear and tear on show.  As it should be.

Now someone will tell me how shitty the Epson Workforce scanners are.  Go for it.  It was cheap, like the budgie, so I'm not overly fussed.  It's working well so far, and the scans look great, so shove it up your jumper.

They Don't Make Ads Like This Anymore: Howard Rogofsky

Even in Australia we've heard of Howard Rogofsky.

His reputation certainly preceded him, and not always in the best light.  The word was that you could get what you wanted or needed from Howard, but condition wasn't always a priority.  I knew a guy who had a nickname for him, but I won't repeat it here, I'll let others utter that dreaded word, if they dare.  He sold high and bought low, and while that might annoy a lot of people, that sounds like good business sense to me.

One local dealer I knew absolutely hated Howard.  He hated that Howard charged high grade prices, but then this dealer would routinely order comics for his customers, get them into the store and switch them over, keeping the high grade for himself and giving the customer the lower grade comic from his personal collection.  Not that he told anyone what he was doing.  But he would do to his customers what he accused Howard of doing to him.

Quid pro quo I guess.

You see, I never had any dealings with…

They Don't Make Ads Like This Anymore: Addams Family House!

I mean, seriously!  This would stop anyone from sniffing glue, if only because you'd need all the sticky stuff you can squeeze to finish this magnificent model kit.  Surely someone out there has one of these, fully assembled and painted?  Show us the pictures!!!

I wonder if it came with a free Morticia Addams?

Years ago I had the good fortune to meet John Astin in Adelaide.  We started talking about television when he asked, "Who did you prefer, Lily Munster or Morticia Addams?"  I thought about it for a second and replied, "Lily was the one that I always wanted to tuck me into bed, but Morticia was the one that I always wanted to climb into bed with."

Astin roared with laughter.  "Me tool, old man, me too!"

Love the Addams Family!

They Don't Make Ads (Or Clothes) Like This Anymore: Battlestar Galactica

Seriously?  Would any disco, ESPECIALLY in 1980, let that guy in??  The girl, possibly, but the dude?  Most people would have lined him up as a nark, and if he was wearing those clothes....

You know that this ad was drawn, mainly because there'd be no way known, even in 1979/1980, that you could hire a family to wear those outfits without the photographer facing charges of child abuse and crimes against fashion.

Having said that, I just know someone out there actually bought and wore one of these jackets, and they're probably selling for thousands on sites like eBay.  Oh well, I couldn't stand that show anyway, but the spaceships were kind of cool.

They Don't Make Ads Like This Anymore: Zombie Mask

I can't help but wonder just how many banks were robbed by people wearing one of these.  Mind you, at $40 in 1973, it would have been the rubber mask of choice for the discerning bank robber.  You know the kind, the ones who really think the job out and spend a bit of time, effort, and money, and consider their activities a good investment.

I still want one. After all, who doesn't want to be the death of the party?

Australian Gothic: The Untold Story of the Australian Dracula Stage Tour of 1929 - Coming Very Soon

My latest book, published by Wildside-Kronos, will be ready to ship in the coming week.  If you have any interest in theatre in Australia, or horror movies, or plays or just history in general, then you'll want to read this.  Complete with an introduction by the legendary Stephen Bissette and original (and amazing) illustrations by Steve Lehman, this is shaping up to be beyond my wildest expectations.

I'll post the links when they're ready, so you can rush out and buy this.  As always, I'm more than happy to talk about the topic, just ask and you'll find it difficult to shut me up.

They Don't Make Ads Like This Anymore: The Miracle Man

Despite being released in 1919 in America, this Lon Chaney classic wasn't released in Australia until early 1920.  It's as good an ad as you're likely to see, and with an image that I'm pretty sure was created by a local Australian artist.

And, you never know, a complete copy of this film might well still exist, sitting in a box in an attic somewhere...just waiting to be discovered.

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